Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Alright, some of you know that I love Harry Potter.  The books, the movies.  The way I was so taken into that world every time I opened the pages of one of the books, or watched the movies, hoping they would never end!  I used to be embarrassed to say that, seeing that I am a grownup.  However, I learned to embrace my Potterism.  And now I can say it with no shame.   I love Harry Potter.   I was sad when it ended.   The anticipation of new books, new movies and the continuation of that wonderful Hogwarts world is no more.    I have all the books and all the movies, so I can read and watch whenever I want.  It's not the same as looking forward to NEW books and movies.   But at least it's something. 

And now Harry Potter has a new movie coming out.  I shouldn't call him Harry Potter.   Daniel Radcliffe.   But to me and millions of others he is and always will be Harry Potter.  Maybe that's not fair to Daniel Radcliffe, the actor.   But the truth is - he has been Harry Potter for over a decade.  

However, seeing as his new movie, "The Woman in Black," is a scary/horror movie, and I am a scary/horror movie freak, I am willing to try to look past my Daniel Radcliffe/Harry Potter tunnel vision and give him a chance.   If the movie makes me jump or cover my eyes or move closer to my husband, then just maybe Daniel, the actor, will have me looking past his Harryness.

I'm willing to have an open mind (it may be open just a sliver, but at least there will be an opening).
The Woman In Black
(This could be Harry, lighting up the halls of Hogswarts with his wand)


  1. Given that I read the first book before anyone else -- under the premise of checking it out for my kids, I must say I was hooked from the first paragraph, and feel the same way. There must be something about being instantly sucked in that generates an audience which will keep coming back for more...
    Since I am a fan of the 'serial' books it is always hard to know it is ending. But JKR was so good with creating this world we must hope she will have another vision to share. In the meantime, like you, I will give the movies these actors are in a chance....

  2. We saw that trailer just last night and I said, "Harry, what are you up to now?" I think of him as Harry, too. I LOVE everything Potter. Too bad you live so far away, we could meet up and go see his movie.
    (P.S. I've given you an award on my blog. Because I think you're awesome!)

  3. Jewels - my first award EVER!! Where do you live? We could meet half way! lol (my children HATE it when I say lol !!)

  4. I give him props for making a movie .. a period piece ..vs something modern that would let him 'stretch' as actors like saying .. not a Potter-ite but I know how sad it is when something you love ends

  5. My daughter saw him on Broadway in "How To Succeed In Business..." over the summer. Months later, she still squeals when she hears his name.

  6. Interesting. Didn't know this was coming up.

  7. I just watched the trailer for that. Wow. Definitely had to close my eyes at the end though because I knew what was going to happen!

    ...I'm such a wimp :)

  8. I'm sure you're not a wimp, Kassie! For me if I'm not hiding my eyes then the movies not scary enough!!