Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Case of the Missing Keys

Okay, I have actual proof now that there are spirits around us . . . and they are sneaky . . . or playful . . . or thieves!  

My husband and I were ready to walk out the door this morning and . . . his keys were missing!   Oh ya!   No way they could have been misplaced or lost - it had to be those sneaky/playful/thieving spirits!   Man!  They've always been so easy to live with before, never causing any trouble - - we never even noticed that they were there.   But they've made their presence perfectly clear now - - they stole (or hid) my husband's keys!   Those rascals!

Seriously.   We looked everywhere - - they were nowhere . . . at least nowhere that we could see.    It had to be our household spirits!   And, come to think of it . . . it had to be them the last time I thought I had "misplaced" my purse, and the time I thought I had lost my shoe (just one shoe - I had the other - but you can't walk around with one shoe).   I looked everywhere for my purse and for my shoe, I was frantic (about the purse, not the shoe).   Then, it seemed all of a sudden, my purse showed up in a place I just knew I had already looked.   Hmmmm.  And my shoe appeared at the back of my closet (I never put my shoes at the back of my closet when I throw them in).   Very suspicious.

So, there you have it.   If you didn't believe before, here is proof positive - - spirits are mingling among us!    And the next time you "misplace" your keys or wallet or your baby's binkie . . . or anything . . . think about it.   Did you really misplace it?   Or are your household spirits just playing with you??!!

Oh, and we never did find those car keys.   So, if you are out on the road some time and see a car seemingly driving itself, don't worry . . . you're not going mad.


  1. Too funny. We lost one set of keys to our car almost as soon as we got it. Maybe your keys are with them even as we blog.

    We lost the other set of car keys, and the ONLY set of keys, several years ago. The whole family, most of us anyway, looked everywhere for 3 days. We looked up and down the road and all over the 2 acre yard. We even looked where we knew we had never been, but you never know. We looked everywhere 4-5 times. You know what they say about insanity and expecting a different outcome. We were close to being insane.

    Fortunately at the time we had another vehicle to drive, or it would have been much worse. If you lose all your keys to a vehicle, and there is nothing to make a copy key from, then you are left with a 1 ton paper weight. That, or you have to get the car towed to a service garage and they have to completely reprogram your car to recognize a new key.

    At 1:00 AM, the morning of the 4th day, my daughter woke us up and announced that she had just said a very fervent prayer and was inspired to look in her purse. There at the bottom were the keys. We have some mean spirited sprites around our house.

  2. Oh my goodness....wish it was just car keys that get misplaced. It seems to be random things. I will set something down, walk away for a minute, come back and its gone, then found in a totally different room. I think we need to bargain with these sprites......

  3. Makes life interesting, that's for sure!!!

  4. Trust me I know we have spirits .. and if you had the or interest I could give you a list of all the things gone missing completely and the things that went missing but then appeared again ...yes, in places, spaces where we'd already looked.

    Did you check inside the fridge? I asked because not long ago ToonMan insisted someone took his coffee cup ... he'd boiled water, gotten out the tea bag and noticed the cup wasnt on the counter .. we live in a tiny apartment .. he looked everywhere 2-3 times .. then I came home, opened the fridge to get some water and asked he why he put his cup in .. to cool it, I queried? He accused me of 'planting' it there to make him look silly ...

  5. I was awakened this morning by my directv box going on-all by itself. The spirits around here are freaking me out!

  6. Did it the tv turn on too? That would totally freak me out! Especially if it turned on to some freaky show!

  7. Dear Judy. Spirits. yes. did you check the fridge? I bet they took your car keys, but they wanted some breakfast. Check the fridge. i bet ghost "blake" forgot them in the fridge? maybe ghost "judy" forgot them in the bread pantry. ...don't worry. I'll come show them who's boss. That will be a small fee of $300.00 plus traveling $100.00, the relationship fee $50.00, and interest $100.00.
    We'll show them. ...i'll bring my secret weapon... a vacuum. :) they wont know what sucked them!

  8. And here I thought the lesson was that if anything of mine ever goes missing, I should look in the back of your closet ;)

  9. i'm even afraid to look in the back of my closet :)