Thursday, December 15, 2011

Versatile Blogger

I wasn't sure what I was going to write about this morning, until I saw that I was nominated for The Versatile Blogger award by my new twin sister, Jewels!  Jewels and I clicked right away - I think we're both a little crazy (the good kind of crazy, of course!).   Check her out, cuz she is awesome -    I'm still not really sure what a versatile blogger is . . . but it's an AWARD!   And I was nominated!   The last time I won an award was in high school (the Bank of America Business Award).   I hated high school.  I was not one of those cheerleading popular types who the other girls always wanted to hang out with.   I was the quiet and shy one . . . you know, the one who everybody thought was conceited.   aah, high school.   The best thing I can say about it is . . . it's over.  

But, I digress.   Thank you so much, Jewels, for this great honor.  I am humbled.   So, now I think one of the rules for receiving this award is that I have to tell you 7 random things about me.   If you fall asleep, I'll wake you up when its over.

1.   I lived in Venezuela for a year and a half - before they became angry with us.
2.   I watched Harry Potter every day for over a year while I walked on the treadmill :)  Every single day (but Sunday).  Ask me anything about Harry, I dare you!
3.   I'm a cougar (well, they didn't call it that when we got married, but I AM older than my husband!).
4.   Finding 7 random things to tell about myself is very difficult.   Does that count?
5.   I've had beignets at Cafe du Monde in New Orleans.   That's random.
6.   I saw Herman Hermits at Disneyland once.   (Well, I don't think they were really Herman's Hermits, but we stalked them as if they were).  I know some (most) of you don't even know who Herman's Hermits are . . . :)
7.   I do not like lobster.

There you go, 7 random things that you probably never cared to know :)

And now, it is my turn to nominate someone for the Most Versatile Blogger.  I think I'm supposed to nominate 15 blogs, but no way.   So, I am just going to pick two that I really enjoy opening every day.  The first is Tammy at   You will love reading about the challenges and joys of family.   And the second is Daryl at  She has some awesome photos of NYC.  Some will take your breath away.

Thank you all for reading my blog, as random and silly as it is sometimes! 


  1. 1. I'm glad we got out of Venezuela when we did.
    2. What was the color of Hagrid's umbrella from the beginning of the first book?
    3. I'm also a cougar, and not just because I attended BYU for a year.
    4. Who knew 7 random things would be hard?
    5. I've been to the airport in New Orleans on my way to Puerto Rico, where I went to wait for my visa to Venezuela.
    6. I know who Herman's Hermits are.
    7. I do like lobster.

  2. I thank you for the nomination

    I love your blog, your random factoids
    I am old enough to remember Peter Noone/Herman's Hermits (I'm 'Enry the 8th I am)
    Read a few Potter books but not all, didnt see all the movies
    I've had beignets at Cafe duMonde in fact I've been to N'awlins 3 times .. once the spring before Katrina
    I've never lived anywhere but here in NewYawk
    I love lobsta
    I am afraid of spiders, detest all creepy crawlies
    I love to travel and take photos

  3. Love your accent, Daryl :)
    And Tammy, it was pink :)

  4. And the weird coincidences continue...
    I did serve a mission (tho' the part about Russia was a joke. I served with the deaf and worked as a sign language interpreter). People thought I was conceited in high school because I was shy. And, I'm older than my husband, too. Also, I know who Herman's Hermits are.

  5. I think #4 absolutely counts and is one a lot of us can identify with.

    I, too, know who Herman's Hermits were.

    Of the Potter movies, I have only seen the first one all the way through--I've seen more of the last than any of the rest other than the first. (There's a sentence you need a road map to make your way through.) Not because I have anything against Potter (far from it) but because I FALL asleep watching movies, no matter how much I want to see them. I'll bet watching from a treadmill would cure me of that habit. ;)

  6. #7...I also do not like lobster. But I've only tried it once, and I did not realize the reason I felt queasy to start with was I was pregnant. It was not a dinner I enjoyed or care to repeat. For years I couldn't look a picture of a lobster without feeling my stomach revolt!