Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sock + Fetch = Joy

My dog taught me a lesson last night. I was sitting on the couch watching my husband play fetch with Izzy, our Pomeranian (the sweetest dog ever - EVER!). Izzy would bring my husband a sock (her favorite fetch toy) and patiently wait until he noticed and picked it up and tossed it across the living room. It would only go about 20 feet but Izzy would race at full speed to get it, bring it back and then wait patiently again . . . This would go on forever, it seemed. It was fun to watch.  Izzy, tail wagging, got such joy out of that game of fetch. Such a simple thing.  And that's when it occurred to me -

Why can't we humans find joy in simple things?  In the here and in the now.  Sometimes I find myself saying "I can't wait til . . ." or "When 'this' happens, I'll be so happy.".   But I want to be like Izzy and be happy now and be grateful for and find joy in a simple game of fetch - you know what I mean :).   (And by the way, I do find myself smiling ALOT each day reading certain blogs - - and looking at beautiful photographs - thank you all!)  The simple things. 

Anyone have a spare sock?!



  1. First, this reminds me of a sock chain letter I once got :)

    Second: I lost you again! Grrrrrrr! I saw your new post loading in my reader, but when the page finished loading your post was gone. So I figured I'd select your blog specifically in my reader list, to show ONLY its posts, and of course IT was gone.

    This is getting on my nerves! It's only yours!


    PS: My Captcha was FUGESOCK! :) (Is that like a sock that lost its memory? And also while it was at it, forgot how to spell fugue? ;) )

  2. I feel so special :) haha

    And . . . a sock chain letter?? Seriously??

    And maybe a fugesock is a sock that forgot what foot it belongs on . . . ??

  3. animals are much smarter than people .. and in many cases much nicer ... Izzy looks so cute in that photo, I'd never met a black pom .. I'd love to take his photo for my waiting patiently series ..

  4. I'm not comparing myself to one of our dogs, but when when we hear my husband's motorcycle coming up the hill to our house, all of us run for the door to greet him. There is something so nice about coming home to a joyful welcome!