Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Help Wanted

Am I the only one?   For the life of me I can never figure out what to have for dinner.   Of course, Thanksgiving is one exception.   But almost every other day of the year I feel helpless to come up with ideas.   It's almost like the part of my brain that used to be able to plan a menu and make a grocery list has died off.   It's that dire of a situation.   It's just my husband and me now, so a lot of times we'll get take out.  But two of my children are home for the Thanksgiving weekend.   They are extremely poor college students who have been living on top ramen.   I want to feed them good.   Thanksgiving?  No problem!   Friday?   Leftovers?   Saturday?   No idea.   Although we'll watch football so I could probably do something footbally, like nachos or something.   Sunday?   I don't know . . . leftovers again?

I need someone to plan my dinner menus.   Maybe I should put an ad in the newspaper.   Of course, we'd probably starve before someone responded.    Guess I just need to dig down deep and try to revive those brain cells.    Sigh.



  1. My husband is following a strict, low-carb eating plan. He SAYS he doesn't mind if I make starchy things for my son and I to eat at dinner, but we feel guilty. I make pretty much the same seven meals every week. (Quick cooking meat, like chops or steaks, and a vegetable or two. We only like 4 or 5 kinds of veggies.) Menu planning is non-existent around here.

  2. Tacos, nachos, pasta (spaghetti w/ or w/o meatballs, sauce, pesto, macaroni and cheese, lasagna), hamburger, meatloaf, salad, frozen veggies (but heat them ;) ) mashed potatoes, hot dogs and/or pigs in blankets, soup, grilled cheese, BLTs...

    For breakfast, cereal, waffles, pancakes, eggs and bacon, french toast.

    Dessert: ice cream, pie (store bought to make life easy!), fresh fruit and/or fruit salad (but that'll get eaten more quickly!)

    I can keep going ;) You can also ask them what they'd like or what they miss.

    My own eating is similar to the paranormalist's. If I can't heat or stir fry it within 10 minutes, I don't bother. I don't have the patience to take more time preparing food than eating it! When it's just me it's about eating quickly and easily and fairly plainly. Company, though, is another matter and I'll prepare "longer" stuff for them. But then again, meals with company last longer too! I don't usually do takeout unless I'm not feeling well. Then I can order 3 days or so in a row!

    Hope you're all enjoying your time together.