Monday, November 21, 2011

Sliver. Ouch. Husband. Hero.

What an awesome day for a cozy fire.  So, I went to the garage yesterday afternoon to get some wood for the fireplace.   Should have worn gloves!   Itty bitty teeny weeny sliver in my thumb.   How can something so microscopic cause so much discomfort and annoyance?

Even though it was in my left thumb, and I am left-handed, I was willing to let it (hope that it would) work itself out and just try to forget about it.   You know, be a martyr.   Although, I really don't know if enduring the discomfort and slight pain from a nearly invisible sliver would count in the martyr column.   But, that's kind of the only way I want to be a martyr.  Not in the BIG kind of way, just the little sliver kind of way.

However, my husband had other ideas.   Out comes the needle, out come the tweezers, out comes the sliver.    So, although the whole martyr thing was kind of moot, at least I didn't have a sliver anymore.   And I did have a hero.  

AND, the fire was indeed cozy! 



  1. Thanks for your visit and congratulations to your husband !
    Greetings from France,


  2. Hooray for husband heroes! I hope he kissed the boo boo too! And I am loving the book cover, perfect!

  3. Ah, sweet! He sounds like a keeper.