Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Keep On The Sidelines, Women!

We are a family of sports lovers . . . mostly college sports.    We lived in (and still live near) a college town for many years.  Our children learned at a very young age to love the sound of the roaring crowd!   There is nothing like sitting in a stadium on a cold, fall Saturday afternoon, listening to the band play your fight song, looking at the sea of crimson which is the student section, and standing up at kick off hoping your team runs the ball back the length of the field for a touchdown!    Heaven on earth!

Once in a while we'll still get to a game.  But we mostly watch our college sports on TV these days.   Saturday afternoons in the fall are filled with college football.    And then it's college basketball.    It's almost always on in the background as we do our Saturday chores.   It's comforting.   Until, that is, I hear the sound of a woman's voice commentating.    I don't know why.   I myself am a woman.  I'm all for equal rights, equal pay, respect, and all that stuff.   Just not where sports commentating is concerned.  It just seems wrong.   It grates on my nerves and kind of diminishes the happiness I get from watching college sports.   It's just one of those things I'm really not able to rationally explain.   Don't get me wrong.  I like Erin Andrews.   I think most women sideline reporters are fine.   Just don't do play by play or color commentating.   Please.     

And I guarantee you that if a man just said what I wrote, I'd be really mad.    Go figure.

They just shouldn't be sports commentators.



  1. I don't mind the female commentators. As long as they know what they're saying- it's all good.

  2. I've tried to like them, but just can't. Maybe it's the voices, too. They're all so deep and just kind of annoy me.

  3. I don't listen to or even watch sports, but I'll tell you this: I can't stand it when men sing. There, I've said it, I hate male singers...like you, there is no ration explanation, and this dislike doesn't apply when I'm singing with a guy, only when I'm listening to them...it's not rational, but there, I've said it! :)

  4. It doesn't have to be rational! That's the beauty of being Lisa and Judy! We can like or dislike whatever we want and we don't have to explain!!

  5. I don't listen to or watch sports either, so I have no opinion. I don't *think* it'd bother me because I'm not accustomed to anything different. I do know that if I'm somewhere where there's sports playing in the background, I'd like ALL the commentator's to shut up! But I'd probably feel that way about any loud activity I wasn't interested in!

  6. ToonMan is a sports watching fool ... me, not so much but I loved your edited 'sign'