Monday, November 14, 2011

Long Island Medium

I was flipping through the TV channels the other day and came across "Long Island Medium." I love reality shows, so it caught my attention.  Just your average brash, bleach blonde New York housewife named Teresa who speaks to dead people. You know that I believe in that stuff and that I like those kinds of paranormal-y  shows. So I thought I'd watch for awhile. Honestly, I was expecting it to be kind of stupid and fake. And I was expecting that her accent would make me want to stab my ears with a fork. I was wrong. On both accounts. Her accent was endearing and part of her charm. She was genuine and real.   People liked her.  She made them feel at ease and she uplifted them with her gift. You could literally see their burdens become lighter as she relayed messages from their departed loved ones.   Sounds corny, I know.  But watching Teresa joyfully using her gift in that way made me want to find my own gift, whatever it may be.

I wonder why I don't feel that way when I watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey?!  And I wonder why they call them the "real" housewives when they are about as real as their silicone implants?  But I guess that's a topic for another day. In the meantime, though, I kind of look forward to seeing that brash bleach blonde New York accented housewife again.



  1. This is why I should read YOUR blog before mine! Lol! Coulda saved a whole google!

    Maybe someday I'll see her or her show. Like I said (in my comment at my blog) I think there probably are people with these abilities. I just haven't seen one yet. I'd love to though. The real deal would make a huge impact on my life.

    Oh! And in the comment at my blog, when I said they failed, I don't mean they told me stuff I didn't want to hear. I mean stuff like I have yet to join that drumming group in India that was prophesied for me :D

  2. I am a believer .. I went to a group reading once and I think we connected with my dad. While I was skeptical at the time, after the reading when we were talking about what 'dad' said we found that there were several things NO ONE ELSE could know.. including a reference to a painting taken off the wall and put on the floor ... no one but me could have known that since I was alone when I did it and didnt tell anyone.

    I need to watch this program, I think.

  3. That is very cool. I've never experienced anything like that personally, but I have felt things before, if that makes sense. You know, when you get the feeling out of nowhere that you should turn left instead of right, not knowing why. That sort of thing.

    I would be interested to know what you think about Long Island Medium :)