Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pass the Excedrin, My Car Is Stalling

Okay, so I've had a headache for the last . . . oh, I don't know . . . 30 years or so.  Not continuously, of course, but off and on for what seems like forever.   Pretty sure it's genetic.  My mother suffered from headaches, and at least one sister and my brother do, too.  And now it seems I've passed that lovely gene on down to my children.  It could be worse, though.   The headaches could be brought on by some horrible disease or illness.   But, fortunately, they're not.  They're just headaches.   No real cause . . . maybe a little stress . . . but my headaches don't really need a reason to show themselves.  They seem to invite themselves into my world whenever they feel like it.   No formal invitation required.  

However, this morning as I was driving to work in our one and only car, it suddenly dawned on me.   My headache has a reason for being this time!   The car!    I may have mentioned before that we used to have three cars.   We sent our best car off to college with our son.   We sold the van we had for a million years (which promptly exploded on its new owner - I think it missed us. I don't feel too guilty, however, because we DID give the new owner full disclosure and he bought it anyway.)    So, now we are down to one car.   And it is falling apart.   It needs new brakes, it stalls all the time, it guzzles gas like I've never seen.  We know we need a new car.  There's really no getting around it.   Hence, the headache.   Trying to figure out what kind of car we should get.   Trying to figure out how to fit a car payment into our already very stretched budget.   And maybe the worst part - - thinking about dealing with car salesmen.   Too much stress for this poor little head to handle.

So, I think I'll just pop some ibuprofen and think about it later.   After all, tomorrow is another day!   And the sun'll come out tomorrow.   So, I'll just Wait Until Tomorrow  (Jimi Hendrix).   See, I told you I had a headache.



  1. UGH .. headaches are the worst .. I tend to clench my teeth while sleeping so I often wake with head AND jaw aching .. still I would trade a headache for the hives (I've had them now for about 6 yrs) which make me itch/scratch to the point where I am sure if I shaved my head there'd be scars from all the scratching .. I won list all the other places I itch .. sigh

  2. You and Blake need a sporty car now, since you won't be hauling any kidlets around. Come on ... you can do it!

  3. Headaches: No fun.

    Car: Could be worse... you coulda kept the van ;)

  4. I love an optimist. As a matter of fact, I am optimistically hoping that someone with really good insurance will smash into our little car and total it. I'm thinking down payment.

  5. It's okay man. It may be best to get an expert to look over your car and see what really happened to it. It may have a defective part of two. What is this car of yours? Would you mind posting some pictures of it?