Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Moment of Silence

In memory of all of the turkeys, or other poultry, fish, cows (for those of you eating Island Burgers and shakes today) who gave their lives so that we could merrily and gratefully feast on this Thanksgiving day, I propose a moment of silence.   Okay, that's enough.  Now go eat!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!



  1. Thank you ... sadly Island Burger isnt open today .. I am SO glad I called to check .. now we're rethinking what 'junk' (my Toonman's word) we will be ordering .. enjoy your dinner no matter what you have, its all about family and friends! .. and I am tickled to count you among them

  2. Sorry about the Island Burger :(. I'm sure whatever you end up having will be yummy - the family and friends make anything better! Looking forward to your next photo :)

  3. It's turkey for us today, and I am so thankful my Mom is cooking it. I'll gladly bake the pies, and leave the most important part to someone else! Happy Thanksgiving!