Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Social Schmocial

I'm still not going to talk about the wedding.  We have one more reception to go this weekend . . . THEN I'll talk about it. 

I DID hear, however, that at the luncheon after the wedding, someone told some of my out-of-town family members that I needed "to get out more" and "be more social."   Haha!   That just cracked us up!   (Yet, at the same time it seemed a little like junior high.)  I don't like to be told that I need to be social.   I don't think it works like that, anyway.   I am social when and with whom I want.   You see, I love, love, love being home.  That's my favorite place to be.   And my family is my favorite group of people to hang out with.  They are hilarious!   My grown niece (who shall remain nameless) wanted to dance at the reception . . . on the table . . . with no music!  (Well, the table could have been my idea - - or maybe there was something about a pole - - and balloons - - I don't remember.)   She didn't dance, of course, but we all laughed until we cried.   And THAT is so much more fun than playing cards with a bunch of people who don't make me want to laugh until I cry.  

Don't get me wrong.  I DO like to go out occasionally, and I DO have fun.   

But, home is where it's at for me.  And family is and always will be my favorite social club!


  1. When you work all day, it's understandable. I remember how hard it is to go back out after getting home. Your nights are the time to reconnect with your family, even if now it's only the hubster. Mine called me a hermit the other day...HUMMMM?

  2. Sometimes (actually most times for me) staying home, popping popcorn and putting in a movie to watch with the family sounds so much better than getting ready to go out and hang with friends. Did I mention comfy pants? Can't wear comfy pants when I go out, but for movie watching they are perfect!

  3. Michelle- who says you can't wear comfy pants when you go out? You'd be surprised how fancy they make elastic-waist pants these days. Plus, they sell those pajama jeans. If they say jeans in the title, it's okay to wear them for all occasions.