Thursday, October 27, 2011

Nothing's Perfect

I stepped outside last night and I could see my breath.   And I smiled.  I knew fall was near.   It's been warmer than usual, and I worried that fall would get lost and maybe not stop and see us at all this year.   That would make me sad.  The colors of fall make me happy.   The crunch of leaves is the sweetest sound.   The cold, crisp air filling my lungs as I breathe it all in . . .  I love the fall.    Warm jackets, fireplaces, hot chocolate, pumpkins, Thanksgiving, Halloween (candy), apples, football, leaves - - What's not to love?  

CRAP!!   I just thought of Daylight Savings Time - - it ENDS in the fall!    Thanks alot, daylight savings time, for ruining my perfect little love affair with fall!!


  1. WHAT?? "Fall back" is my favorite day of the year! A whole, beautiful extra hour of sleep...I look forward to it all year...:)

  2. The extra hour of sleep is okay . . . until you get used to it and then it doesn't matter. But, for me personally, getting off work when it's dark is a bummer. All I want to do is go home and put my on sweat pants and go to bed :)