Thursday, October 13, 2011

Count Your Blessings

How often do we take for granted the things that should be so dear to us . . . our families, our friends or the beauty that really is all around us?   How often do we get wrapped up in the mundane things in our lives  . . . the house needs to be cleaned . . . why is there always so much laundry to be folded??? . . . why do they never take out the trash???  . . . how come the line at the grocery store is always so long, especially when I'm in a hurry???  . . .  the piles on my desk are growing .. and growing .. and growing.   Those are legitimate thoughts which can lead to legitimate feelings of frustration, etc.   I have them every single day.  

I think, though, that if we take precious time to think about the mundane things, we absolutely need to take time every single day to remember the things that should really matter most.    To remember the blessings in our lives that keep us going when we feel like quitting.

So, for the rest of the month, I am going to wake up every morning and remember and think about five . . . just five . . . things I am grateful for.     Here are my five for today . . . 

1.  I am very grateful for an awesome husband.   

2.  I have the three most amazing children. 

3.  I have a job.  A job that I don't hate.

4.  I live in the beautiful northwest, where nature really shows off.

5.  I am breathing.

It's actually not hard at all to think of things to be grateful for.    Give it a try.



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