Monday, September 19, 2011

Right is Not Wrong

So, this morning I was going to talk about some things I read on the internet about weight loss.   Some "tips" of what we can do to enhance our weight loss and speed it up.   But all of the so-called tips were things I already knew.   Things like "take small bites," "drink lots of water," "limit your intake of sodium," "choose carrots over donuts," . . . duh.  I'm sorry.   But I KNOW all of that.   What I need to know is how to get my brain to want to DO those things.   So, I'll do some research and let you know what I find out.  

And since I'm not going to talk about weight "tips," I want to talk about the New Jersey Housewives.   The "Real" New Jersey Housewives.  Yeah, right.   I watched it last night and I am so grossed out.   I can hardly find words to say how grossed out I am (thus, the abundance of "grossed out" in this blog).     Do all so-called "real" housewives (and househusbands, even more) really drink that much?   And worse . . . is the only thing they think about (besides how to beat up on each other) really sex??  I was appalled (AND grossed out) at all the explicit talk about sex.   But, it went even further than just talk.   One of the couples went into a bathroom to HAVE sex while the others peeked in the window and watched and laughed.   It really was TV at its worst.   Heck, it was "real" housewives at their worst!   I turned it off.   

But what sickens me even more than the "real" housewives' behavior is this - -  this morning I was talking to a friend who watches the show.  I thought for sure she would be outraged just as I was.    "Can you believe that show last night???", I asked her.    "What do you mean?", she said.   And so we talked for a minute about the sex thing, and she thought it was nothing.   NOTHING!   I almost cried.   I asked her, "Do you mean to tell me, that I am the only one who thinks that type of behavior (especially on TV) is appalling and disgusting and just plain wrong?"     Do you know what she said?   "Yes, you're the only one."   My jaw dropped and my shoulders drooped.  That was really disheartening and sad to hear her say that.  This world is so crazy and kind of upside down.  BUT, I take strength knowing that I am NOT the only one.   There are still many people out there (many of them my friends) who know the difference between right and wrong.   (I kind of think, however, that we are outnumbered.)   My little conversation with my "real housewives" buddy just reenforced to me the importance of standing strong and steadfast for the things that you believe in.    Right is still right.   Wrong is still wrong.   No matter what the rest of the world says.


  1. Sorry I don't watch the Housewives of New Jersey or the Desperate ones. My reality isn't theirs for sure! You are Right! That is SO WRONG! You're not the only one...

  2. Don't be sorry you don't watch them! I am sorry that I wasted time watching them!!

  3. I'm with you Judy! Right is right...and I also think watching tv is a waste of time that I could, enjoying Mountain Man's company instead. ;) Love the post!