Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Whole New World!

Look!  It's a giant light bulb!!
Last night was a night of great discovery and illumination for me!   Seriously.   I felt a little like what I imagine Thomas Edison must have felt like when he invented the light bulb.  Or like Ferdinand Magellan when he sailed through the Strait of Magellan and named the Pacific Ocean.  Or like Sacagawea, who went with Lewis & Clark on their expedition to the Pacific coast and discovered so much beauty and awesomeness.   Or like Jacques Cartier, who discovered Canada.  Okay, well, on second thought, forget about Jacques.  But my point is . . . I discovered a whole new world last night!   I discovered life without television in the bedroom!  YES!  I discovered that I CAN fall asleep without the TV singing me its lullabies.   I actually read in bed!    And it was awesome! 

When I got home from work, my husband and son had moved all of our daughter's bedroom furniture, etc. into my son's empty bedroom downstairs.   Then they moved the treadmill upstairs into our daughter's old bedroom, and moved the TV (from our bedroom) into the now "workout room."   Excellent!   One small confession, however.   After organizing our daughter's new bedroom downstairs, I was "too tired" to try the new workout room upstairs.  And I think we all know that "too tired" really just means "I didn't want to."  But I WILL let you know how it goes tonight!  

AND, I'll also let you know what book I am reading in bed instead of what TV show I am watching in bed!  I don't need no stupid lullaby!

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  1. You have a workout room? I guess re-purposing the rooms might help you with the empty nest. I have a guest room a Toy room and of course the Sewing Zone. I get my workout moving my Fabrics around, HAHA