Thursday, August 18, 2011

How Do I Love Me? Let Me Count The Ways

Okay, so I reread my last post and it sounded a little harsh.  And a little judgmental.  Shame on me.  I still don't think you should treat your children as slaves, and that you should do whatever it takes to learn to love yourself . . . but who am I to talk?   If you asked my children, they would tell you that I was ALWAYS ordering them around - - you know, "clean your room", "do your homework", "don't leave dishes on the floor", "go to bed"  (I was a really mean mom.)   And I certainly don't always love myself.  I (we) need to learn that I (we) am (are) love-worthy at 140 pounds . . . or 240 pounds . . . or 540 pounds.  It shouldn't matter.   But somehow it does.   I think there are probably lots of things about me that are lovable, but when I look in a mirror, all I see is someone who is out of control and waiting for that "ah ha" moment when I begin to take control again of my life.   But you know, sometimes waiting is not good enough.   Sometimes we need to create our own "ah ha" moment.   I think I'll work on that.
Love yourself

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