Monday, August 22, 2011

Armed and Ready!

Okay, I am energized this morning.   Armed and ready to begin that journey back to health and self-confidence!  I have two months before my son gets married.   I can make great strides in two months.   I have lost 30 pounds in two months before.  But for me, it's not really about the pounds or the scale.   It's just feeling more happy and healthy and confident.  And everyday I get on the treadmill, I feel happier.   So, get ready Harry Potter!   You and I have some work to do!!    Oh, Harry Potter, you ask?   When I lost weight a couple of years ago, Harry was my companion on that journey.  Every day for almost two years, he and I would do the treadmill together.   Well, I would really do all the work.  Harry would be on the DVD player.   I watched him every single day (except Sunday) - - I saw each movie dozens of times.   Sounds crazy, I know.   But we all do what we have to do.   And now Harry and I are like this - -

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