Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Hot Sweaty Mess

Well, I walked to work this morning.   Since we let our son take our only decent car with him when he moved, I kind of didn't have a choice.  Well, unless I wanted to take what our daughter calls our "purple ghetto van."  No, thanks.   It's about a 2 mile walk to work, and it was hot.  H.O.T.  The sun was at my back, and I could feel my back dripping.   Lovely.   I was a hot sweaty mess when I got to work.   But it felt good.  And I work in the basement away from everybody else, so who cares?!   I read on the internet a while back that the way you walk says a lot about your health.   For instance, if you have a short stride, it usually means that you don't move your arms as much.  And moving your arms while you walk is a good thing.  But since I have to hold my ipod in my hand (it's part of my iphone), I can't really move my arms very much because I would probably strangle myself with my ear phones.  (I tried putting my iphone in my purse but with each step my iphone and hip would meet and my songs would jump around.)   And as far as walking fast, I think I'm a pretty slow to medium paced walker.    BUT, my point is . . . I walked to work!!!!   And I think I will walk home, too - - I'm starting to get in the groove again!

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