Thursday, July 21, 2011

What is it with these people??!!

I will confess here and now . . . I do love my reality TV.  So, yes, I was watching a rerun of Real Housewives of New Jersey last night.  It was the episode of Joe and Melissa's Christmas party - - the lavish one devoted to the whole reason for Christmas - - the birth of our Savior - - you know, it was the party with the casino and gambling - - yeah, that one.   I just really don't get that, but then again, I'm not from New Joisey and I'm not rich.   So who am I to judge?   But, anyway, Melissa and Joe were talking to a party planner - - - this guy was a real jerk.  (Sorry, but he was.)  This is what he said about the servers.  "You don't want rolly polly ones, with their bellies hanging over.  That's what poor people get."  Okay, he didn't really say "poor people" - - I can't remember exactly what he said - - but it was just as offensive and ridiculous.   He went on to say that "classy people get the model type, the good looking ones."  Alright, again he didn't say "classy people" - - but he did say something LIKE that!   Now, I'm not really rolly polly (well, maybe I am in denial about  that), but my belly DOES hang over once in a while, depending on what I'm wearing.   But I could be just as good a server as the "model type."  Probably better because I would have more energy because at least I eat  AND I have more personality!   What is with people these days????   To be fair, though, it's not just the New Joisey people, it's people.  Period.   People love to stereotype.  It's much easier and much more time efficient to just THINK you know someone instead of actually investing the time to REALLY  get to know someone.  Their loss.  Well, actually, we all lose.
And, by the way, remember when I said that my last few days had been good?  Well, that was before these latest last few days.   I have been on a serious up, and not in a good way.  Why does it have to be so hard for some of us?   Oh well.  Today is a new day.   I will take it minute by minute, then hopefully day by day. 

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