Monday, July 18, 2011

Stop with the jokes, already

If there is anybody reading this post who thinks that fat jokes are funny . . . well, I was going to tell you to stop reading and go away.   But after thinking about it for a minute, please continue reading - you may learn a thing or two.

I was on Facebook this weekend and someone had posted "Fat people are harder to kidnap."   That is so hilarious, I thought sarcastically.  I don't take offense anymore when I hear fat jokes, because I know some people are just stupid and care only about themselves.  But, it did make me curious . . . so I did a little online research.   I guess I wasn't surprised at what I found, although I was saddened and disgusted.  Countless sites for "so fat" jokes, "yo mama" fat jokes, images of fat people jokes, videos on YouTube of fat jokes.  So, then I got a little more curious and found that fat people aren't the only victims of this type of media meanness.  Ugly people jokes, mean insults, rude insults, girlfriend insult jokes, racial black jokes, you're so white jokes, mexican jokes, disabled and wheelchair jokes . . . and on and on and on.    I guess I knew when I started looking what I would find.   So it only confirmed what I really already knew  - - -  some people are mean.   And thoughtless.   And ignorant.   And just really, really sad.  And pathetic.  (Did I just sound a little bit like Taylor Swift?!)  BUT, what I really came away with after seeing all the ugliness on the internet is the realization that I am so blessed and grateful to have wonderful people in my life.  And I KNOW that the kind and compassionate and wonderful people of the world outnumber the mean and self-absorbed people of the world.   At least for now.   I think that each of us should feel an obligation in life to touch as many people as we can with kindness and compassion.  A smile, a kind word . . . small things mean so much.   Who knows?   Maybe if we touch the right person's heart, and then they touch someone's heart, and so on, there might be less fat people joke sites on the web one day.  Or less rude insults, or less racial jokes, and on and on and on . . .    Give it a try - minute by minute, day by day. 

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