Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Stupid Criminals Part II

So the weirdness continues.   Although in this case, I suppose it's more stupidness.  

Our neighbor came over last night to tell us about an incident that happened on our street, a couple of blocks down.

Very early Saturday morning a 5 year old girl went to her parents' bedroom and said, "There's a man in my bedroom."    Silly girl.  The parents,  thinking she was telling stories, sent her back to bed, assuring her that there was no man in her bedroom.  (I may have sent my husband to take a look, but I am trying not to judge.)   A few hours later, the little girl (who was smart enough to go to her sibling's room instead of her own) came into the kitchen and her parents, who were eating breakfast, asked, "Is the man still in your bedroom," thinking they were being funny.  Ha.Ha.  The little girl answered . . . "Yes." 

This time they went and looked.   Imagine their surprise (and horror) when they saw a 19 year old guy passed out on their sweet little girl's bed.   He had been high on drugs and alcohol and broke into their home through a basement window and, apparently finding the perfect bed (not too hard, not too soft - - you get the picture), crashed.   The police came and the idiot kid was arrested and charged with all sorts of things.  And I'm pretty sure the parents went down on their knees praying forgiveness for their stupidity and giving thanks that their little girl wasn't hurt. 

The incident that we experienced that very same night, and the drunken, drug crazed stupid 19 year old down the street are too coincidental, and I am convinced that he was the same idiot kid who came into our home and left all our doors open wide - not to mention a little sampling of his blood.

Several lessons to be learned - - -

1.   Always lock your doors at night, no matter how safe you feel.
2.   When your 5 year old tells you that a strange man is in her bed, GO TAKE A LOOK!!
3.   Ghosts DON'T ride long boards (although I'm still not convinced about that one).

And, maybe most important,


By the way, I don't feel so bad about my dog Izzy not barking when idiot criminal came in our house that same night because apparently even while stupid drunk was plopping down on 5 year old's bed, their dog slept soundly on the floor, mere feet away :)


  1. I have to say this all scares me to death. That poor little girl, I hope she can trust her parents in the future, but I have to wonder.

    I can say with complete certainty that if my 7 yr old came in saying there was a man in his bedroom that someone would be taking him back to his room to either show him there was no man, or if infact there actually was one, to watch how fast his fat mommy can run!!

    I hope this is the answer to your questions regarding your opened doors. As for the dog, don't they know what their job is after all?? I am just as bad, I got a big dog when we moved into the middle of no mans land and then, when I hated that she was barking at everyone who walked by got a no bark collar for her and now she has stopped....stupid me!!

  2. Wow! IMHO the police should take a blood sample from your front door and finger prints from the long board left in your yard. I don't care if it is a pain. I don't care if they match the idiot in the little girls room or not. I watch way too much TV and know that prints and DNA need to be put in a database. They may or may not get a match this time, but if the idiot(s) do anything again, they can be caught easier. As for the parents not going to the girls room, well I'd like to think I would have, but I've been dog tired and know the feeling of not wanting to get out of bed. My dog would have been worthless.

  3. OMG on that story. I am imagining all of the things that could have happened, especially to that little girl. I am so glad the sleepy burglar was caught.

  4. Boy I'll bet his parents are proud of him. And the drugs and alcohol..yes, they make you stupider than you already are.

  5. A similar thing happened to our across the street neighbor--no little kids involved, thank goodness. But they got up to find a 40-something-year-old man passed out in the recliner in their living room. Dude had even helped himself to a bowl of pretzels and passed out reading the TV Guide. I have to say that the majority of people not just in our neighborhood but in our town could easily have this happen to them because locking the doors is the exception, not the rule.

  6. Oh my goodness!
    I know that I am passing judgement but what was so darned important, that they couldn't take the 2 minutes, to go and check in their 5 year old's bedroom??

    I'm kind of hoping that it is the same guy from what you wrote on yesterday's post. At least you would have the piece of mind that he's now been caught.

  7. Oh my god, she must have been so scared poor thing. yeah her parents are stupid, no offence to them, but geez!

  8. Wow that's really messed up. i am so glad all he did was pass out and shame on those parents for not believing their daughter. Even if they thought it was a dream or make believe or a joke, you escort your child back to her room if for no other reason than to make sure!

  9. My dog wouldn't bark, he'd jump on the intruder and hope for a game of fetch. We joke about not having much to steal, but we always (try)to lock the doors. Scary!

  10. I don't care about judgements - those parents are idiots. The least you can do is walk a five year old back to her room and help her see that there is no one in the room - until you discover that there is someone in the room....

  11. gotta say I suspected the culprit was either drunk or stoned and confused about where they lived ... but those parents true idiots ... with all the kidnappings of children from their bedrooms in the news they were morons not to check ...

  12. That poor poor family! Hope that kind of thing never happens to you guys again!

  13. I think the kid came into your home, the ghost that keeps putting the dog on the table scared him, and that's why he left and went to the house two blocks away.

    Good ghost :)

  14. Wow.. Just wow.. And if you won't judge, I am so going to! What the hell were those parents of that little girl thinking?? There's a man in your room? That's nice honey, go back to bed.. Ugh! Again.. I am sooo happy everyone is okay...

  15. I respect that you are trying not to judge the parents of this little girl, but I have to tell you there is NO WAY I wouldn't have checked out my daughter's room if she had ever come to tell me something like this. Did these people never watch a horror movie? I can't tell you how many monsters (and mice) I looked for when my kids were little.