Saturday, February 4, 2012


Someone help me out.   What is Anonymous?   I hear bits and pieces about it, but don't really know what or who they are.   I googled it to try to get an understanding of it.  This is part of what I found - -

Anonymous claims that they have gained access to the servers for the United Nations, PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, US Bank, Capital One, Chase Bank, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. If their demands are not met, they will take down all of these servers.

For the banks, Anonymous claims that they have the account info of every client at these banks. They want to reassure citizens, however, that they are not going to compromise their information. They only want to make a statement to Congress.

As for Congress, they have a very special message – “To those who support PIPA and SOPA. To those congressmen who want to vote yes on these bills. We are not f'ing playing.”

This group of internet users communicates without consistent usernames on various chans. Between posting gore and porn threads, Anonymous stages largely unsuccessful raids on other websites.
They kind of sound like pathetic, not very good thugs to me - - ". . .if their demands are not met, they will take down all of these servers."   "We are not f'ing playing."   ???   Maybe the Bad News Bears of the internet, although not loveable. 

Maybe they're not even worth the mention here . . . I was just wondering . . .


  1. Vigilante Hackers.

    Some hackers are crooks. They want to steal information and make a profit from it.

    Other hackers hack as a sort of "favor" to web sites. To basically say "I just got into your site. Be glad it was me and not someone who could have caused you a lot of harm." These hackers will then help you fix the holes in your security system - sometimes for free, sometimes for a price. Depends on your site and whether the hacker does this for a living or is just a hobbyist. These types of hackers have the ability to access personal information, but they're not interested in that. They're interested in letting the site owner know that they have a security issue that should be addressed. Sometimes its done in an egotistical way "Ha ha! You just got PWND!" but they'll almost always tag their message with a way for you to contact them so they can elaborate on how they got in (and how you can fix it.)

    Another category is kind of like the 2nd. They don't want to harm users, but they do want to make a point of some kind. In this case I'd say Anonymous's point to the government is "You do not control the Internet. We do. We just let you play in it, so play nice." That's the message I get from their efforts. It's possible someone could join their ranks who wants to cause real trouble, but the idea behind it sounds more like hackers who want to expose the truth behind organizations they think are corrupt and are harming regular citizens on the net. - Hence, the vigilante title.

    - That's my understanding of it.

    I found it interesting, though, that moments after your post, all of Blogger's servers went down in my area! :oO (They're back now!)

  2. I was wondering what you were talking about when I read the first line, "What is anonymous"
    I didn't/don't know much about this "Anonymous" clan. Hum. Wonder what'll happen. If anything.

  3. I'm checking in with the same perspective. I am learning as I go along, so thank you for the assist.

  4. I haven't heard this latest dooms day thing. If I had the talent to hack, I'd use it to actually make a great website and make tons of legal money and have hack proof firewalls.

  5. i THINK that anonymous is a small group of computer literate boys mainly who have made a name for themselves by challenging big government. The most recent effort that got world wide attention was their hacking and posting of an FBI Scotland Yard conversation relating to anonymous. The objective of this was to show the world that the FBI was not safe from them but more importantly, with the contents of the discussion, showed how poorly the FBI thought of the publc. He is english. An anonymous member, captured by the police is 15 years old. The FBI cant wait to get their hands on him. The Brits think that he should get a boot in the butt and sent home. I imagine that the FBI will try to to extradite him and try a little bit of waterboarding to get their anger out at getting hacked so publically.

  6. Thanks, Garry. It is really interesting - I read an article about the whole FBI Scotland yard conversation. I'm really unsure what to think - - should I be scared that the FBI can be hacked so easily by a bunch of teenagers, or should I be mad at the hackers for being so disrespectful? Or should I be be disgusted with the FBI???!! And I know it's not just the FBI, but banks, etc. that are being hacked. I'm kind of confused as to what to think!

  7. This has only started rumbling at the edges of my consiousness in the past couple of weeks. I think I need to get a little better informed. But, frankly, I'm kind of scared to know more. Ignorance is bliss, right?