Friday, December 2, 2011

Dreaded Day

It's grocery shopping day. Ugh. I have come to dread this day. You know that I hate planning meals. So making a grocery list is a giant pain in my side. But my husband and I have come to the conclusion that we eat out way too much. Personally, I like eating out! No meal to plan, no dishes to do. Delicious food. My perfect scenario. But we're going to try to make more use of that one room in the house . . . You know, the one with the stove and sink :) So, wish me luck as I make my list (I hope I don't forget the aspirin). And, if you hear a loud scream later today - it's because 5 little plastic bags of groceries probably just cost me $150!!! (maybe once I get over the shock of having to grocery shop regularly I should become an extreme couponer!!)


  1. I feel ya, honey! I hate grocery shopping and meal planning too!! Long Live Thai!!! :)

  2. If you hate grocery shopping, you might find online grocery shopping easier. The first few times it's a headache finding your way around the site and figuring out what you want, but after a few times, you'll have probably bought all your regular staples at some point and they'll be on a list of "everything you've ever bought" that the site will save for you. THEN grocery shopping is easy! Go right down the list, check things off, *maybe* add something else that's not on the list, pick a delivery time, submit, and you're done!

    - Unless no place near you does this. Then forget what I said ;)

    (Ok, I just checked. If you're near a Safeway, that might work!)

  3. Love the idea - but not even the two Safeway stores we have in our little town do it :(. I should just hire some college student!

  4. I love grocery shopping! My husband and I have always treated it like it was a date....which, when the kids were little, was usually the only date we had.

  5. Bummer. College students are ok, but what's great about online shopping is the automatic list that's generated for you.

    Hmmm... another thought... (I'm full of 'em! ;) ) if you use a savings card at someplace like Safeway, I wonder if you can access your grocery list online, even if you're not shopping online? Maybe that sounds too convoluted!

    FYI, I agree with Michelle. I love grocery shopping too, but I'm not sure I would if I was always shopping for me *and* another person and if it involved planning meals etc. Unless the other person came with me. That would be good.

  6. oh I always liked grocery shopping, Kind of miss it now that the boys are older. The hard part is what to buy, I suppose, so wouldn't help to hire a student, as you would still have to make the list. I usually look at what is on sale and work from there. When I use to shop for some clients they made a 5 week calender. That made the shopping easier, and when in a rush or things are not going so well. It works really good to just look and see what your suppose to have. It avoids the staring in the cupboard wondering what to fix and the final choice of just going to get something. Hope this was helpful in some way