Thursday, December 1, 2011

Confessions of a Weirdo

Confession time.  I think I discovered something about myself this morning.   Actually, if truth be known, I think I've known it all along, but have been in denial.  I'm just to the point now where I can verbalize it.   I'M WEIRD!   "Yes!", my children are shouting.  "Finally, she admits it!!"  

The reason (okay, ONE of the reasons) I say this is because I find myself thinking such bizaare and random thoughts when showering.   Here's a sampling.  

Am I the ONLY one who knows how to put the toilet paper roll on the toilet paper holder thingy???

How come when a guy doesn't shave for a week he looks sexy.   How come when I don't shave my legs for a week I look like Big Foot and NOBODY finds it sexy??   So not fair.

Why can a guy shave his face and, again, it's sexy?  Yet, a woman has to use facial hair remover while hiding so no one can see her and it is SO NOT SEXY??    Again, so not fair.

How come when a woman drives the speed limit she is a bad driver???

I wonder if Izzy has little doggy parties while we're at work?

Maybe it's normal to think weird thoughts while in the shower.   Maybe I'm not really weird at all.   Maybe the sky is really green.    Maybe chocolate is really good for you.   Maybe this is all a dream.  


  1. When I'm washing my hair, I'm usually wondering if someone is breaking into the house, becuase that is when our three dogs usually start going berserk. Why else would they be barking so insanely? I never think they've seen the neighbor's cat....which is a more likely explanation!

  2. I find myself thinking weird stuff all the time and I tell you that normal is boring .. I tell that to all the voices .. ;-)

  3. Michelle, our dog barks all the times at things unseen to the human eye. The other night she was barking and barking at "something" she saw in the kitchen. She finally just plopped down on the tile to "watch" it.

    Daryl - :) My daughter agrees with you - see tells me I would be totally boring if I wasn't so weird. I think that's a good thing ??

  4. You and I must be the only ones who know how to put the toilet paper on the thing. We must be the only ones who notice it's getting low and do anything about it.

    I saw a grooming kit for men the other day and one of the little blade thingies was actually just to give the guy 'that popular 2 day old beard look.' Yeah, not fair.

    Lines on a man's face give him character and he can still get leading male parts in movies. Lines on a woman's face give her character and she gets to play the mean mother-in-law or the wise old lady.