Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Land of Freedom

I am not political.   I don't want to run for office.  I don't want to hold up signs of protest or march on Washington, D.C.   I won't go on a hunger strike (maybe I should).  I won't handcuff myself to the State Capitol fence (or ANY fence).  I won't even throw fake blood at people who wear fur.  And I definitely will not blow up abortion clinics.  Which all really has nothing to do with whether I'm for or against an issue.  I have my opinions.  If you want to know them, ask me.  I'm just not inclined to do any of the above.  The most political thing I do is listen to talk radio . . . yes, even Rush Limbaugh.   And I vote.   And although I am not political, I will most definitely stand up for what I believe in.

But putting all of that aside, I AM very patriotic.  I love my country.  I lived in a foreign country for a year and a half.  I. Love. America!   I am so grateful to live in a land where people are free to protest peacefully if they choose and to let their voices be heard.  I am grateful for people who are tolerant of other people's opinions.   I am grateful to be able to walk out of my front door every single day, unafraid, and go about my business.  I am grateful for our forefathers who loved God and organized this country with His help.

And I am so, so grateful to the men and women who dedicate their lives to making sure that you and I are safe, and that this country remains a land of freedom.  Free to choose.  Free to speak.  Free to worship.  Free to be.  Free to live.  Free to love.

God Bless America!  Land of the free and home of the brave!

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