Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bad Mood

I think I'm in a mood . . . maybe it's because I'm getting the flu, and I'm achy and feverish (and maybe a bit delirious) . . . or maybe it's just because things are so out of whack.   (As I sit here sprawled across my desk, wondering if my shoes match and if I remembered to brush my hair before I left the house this morning, I'm thinking it's probably the flu.)  Whatever the reason, this is some of what's annoying me today . . .

Why do some stores think it's okay to hide the "plus" size clothes (size 14 and over) upstairs in a corner?   Why do you have to walk past the employees' lounge, out one door and in another, only to find them next to the bathroom and the luggage?  Why can't these clothes be on the main floor with all the other clothes?   And why do the displays and even the clothes themselves look so messy and unkempt?   So insulting!

Why can't some parents let their adult children who are away at college be just that . . . adults?   Some parents need to let go a little and stay out of their children's . . . and their children's roommates' . . . business.   Hopefully you taught them well.  (If not, shame on you.)  Trust them and let them grow up.   Seriously - -    Get a life! 

Why do some people feel it's okay to bash other people's religion and beliefs?   Maybe I'm naive, but I've never heard of a religion that teaches its members to be mean.  Oh wait, never mind.  I forgot about that church that protests military funerals.   So, so very wrong!

And why, oh why, does ice cream have to make you fat?  Ben and Jerry - - I love you guys, but why do you have to be so bad for me?

I think I need some Ny-Quil.   And a blanket. 


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