Thursday, September 1, 2011

Well, Dr. Phil . . .

The other night I finished watching the entire first season of "Heavy."   Such amazing stories of the human will to overcome and be happy.   Watching these people's stories was inspiring  . . . from eating in the beginning because it tasted so good and you think it makes you happy.   Then eating because sometimes that's the only thing in your life you think you have control over.   Then watching the pounds pile on and hating yourself because you can't stop.  And then . . . finally . . . triumphing over your mind and body and getting control of your life.   Loving yourself, and being able to love others.  Happy ending.  Or beginning.   How do overweight people get to be overweight??  Well, there are as many stories as there are people.  

As I sit here writing this in my awesome cool new "Twilight" journal I got at the Dollar Store for . . . get this . . . a dollar!! . . . I am watching "Toddlers & Tiaras."  Yes, I know.  I should spend my time more wisely . . . maybe get on the treadmill or read a good book - or both!   Tomorrow.   But, WOW!!!   Talk about messed up!   Three year olds - - make up, fake hair, fake eyelashes, colored contacts - - even fake teeth!!!   Being taught, at the ripe old age of three, that their self-worth is measured by their beauty.   And who are they being taught by?   The people they trust the most - -  their own mothers!   And seeing the disappointment in their eyes (both toddlers' and mothers') when they aren't perfect . . . when they act like three year olds instead of poised and polished supermodels!     So so messed up.    Maybe one day, years down the road, we'll turn on the TV and see a 23 year old fat girl sitting on the couch saying, "Well, Dr. Phil, it all started when I was three. . . " 

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