Friday, October 19, 2012

The Evil Plan Thwarted!!

Do you remember the story I told a couple of weeks ago (Corn Maze Freak Show) about the group of sweet little kids who skipped and held hands and smelled daisies and helped little old ladies across the street?   The group who grew up and went off to college and who still smelled daisies and helped little old ladies across the street whenever they could.   The group who went to a corn maze (the same corn maze with the deceiving "Open" neon sign lit).  The group who naively went in and were interrupted by bullhorns and lights blazing and police with their guns at the ready.   The group who were given citations for trespass and had to go to the police station the next morning for fingerprints and mugshots.   Yeah!  THAT group!

Well, the wicked witch who co-owned the corn maze had no mercy and wanted to have the group of sweet kids kicked out of school and pay a huge fine and to be haunted the rest of their lives with a record.    The wicked witch had a husband, however, who was not bound by the spell that she cast.  He had a heart and wanted nothing to do with the wicked witch's plan to destroy lives.  

Enter Superman (aka the prosecuting attorney).   He agrees with the wicked witch's husband.  He decides the best course of action is to dismiss the charges and have the sweet children do community service.   No being kicked out of school.   No having huge fines, and . . . no record.   Wicked witch screams and curses the Superman, her evil plan being thwarted.

Hail to the wicked witch's husband!  Hail to the Superman!    Good triumphs evil once again!

On a side note:   one special little child involved with whom I am intimately familiar wondered if the police department would give her her mugshot for her journal - - since they would no longer have need for it.   Sigh.


  1. What a beyotch!!!!! I'm glad her husband and the PA had hearts!!!! I feel sorry for her hubby though; he has to live with her!!!!

    1. I just figured they had been having problems with vandalism, etc. so she was a little hypersensitive :)