Monday, May 7, 2012

Balloon Stroll

The annual Walla Walla Balloon Stampede is coming up this weekend. It's always kind of a fun time here in the big city.  Lots of people come to town, the fairgrounds come alive with . . . what else? . . . creepy fair workers and fried fair food!   My husband and children do the 5k run.  I take pictures.   We cross our fingers that there is no wind and no rain.  And then we get up early in the morning on Thursday, Friday and Saturday to watch the lift off.   If we're feeling lazy (which, I will admit, I sometimes feel), we stand in our backyard in our pjs and watch the balloons go overhead.   On a perfect day, the sight is beautiful.  

I know at least one of you is from New Mexico.   Albuquerque - home of the International Balloon Fiesta.  I've never seen it in person, but this is a pictoral depiction - -


This is a pictoral depiction of our Walla Walla Balloon Stampede -


So, I'm thinking that maybe "stampede" is a little misleading.  Maybe it's more of a "stroll" - through the sky.    It IS beautiful, though, this balloon stroll of ours.  


  1. Going up in a hot air balloon has been on my bucket list for 20 years! Looks gorgeous!

    1. Our firm sponsors one of the balloons, and so my husband and I had an opportunity to go up in one . . . HOWEVER, the wind had other ideas and they had to cancel :(

  2. We watched a balloon launch in southern Utah a couple years ago. There were only a few balloons, but it was still beautiful.
    (Going up in one? No thanks. I guess I've seen too many videos of them getting away/crashing.)

  3. "creepy fair workers and fried fair food!" Lol!

    Pics! Yay!!! :)

  4. O creepy fair workers and fired food! How I've missed thee!!! :)

  5. Even the 'stroll' of balloons is impressive, for me at least. (I lead a dull life)

    I'd love to go up in an air balloon but I've got a terrible feeling, that I'd probably end up balled up on the deck and crying for my mummy.

  6. So pretty ... ! Bummer that it was too windy for a balloon ride. What about this year?

  7. That would be quite an amazing sight!
    We saw one balloon in the air a few weeks ago and my employees thought it was so cool!

  8. I lived in Western WA for 12 years and never once heard about this Balloon Stampede!! I would have gone over the mtns to see it if I'd known! :(

  9. Holy Moly! I think the one here is called a balloon festival but compared to those, it should probably downgrade its title some.

  10. They must do something like this in the UK as one year when we were driving home from Plymouth after getting the ferry from France we saw what seemed like hundreds of balloons in the sky it was indeed a lovely sight.

  11. People take hot air balloon rides over the Black Hills. We would watch them land almost in our front yard sometimes. One balloon is pretty more than one would be quite the sight.