Monday, March 5, 2012

Blogging Is A Team Sport Part II

A big thank you to Ruth at for thinking of me for the Versatile Blogger Award.  The only other thing I had ever won pre-blog was a goldfish at my junior high school carnival.   This is kinda fun!   

It is now my turn to award some of my favorites!  The rules say I'm supposed to award 15 people with the Versatile Blogger Award.  And I know I said in a recent blog that I am nothing if not obedient.  However . . . I am giving this particular award to 10 blogs, not 15.  I apologize to the award-rules-making-people.   Here goes . . .

Michelle at is always upbeat and funny.   Every mother on earth can find something in Michelle to relate to.

Collie at is inspired and inspiring.   You'll always feel uplifted when reading her blog.

Tammy at - "Homekeeping, Down Syndrome and Autism Stuff."  Tammy deals with all of these topics in a funny, positive and inspiring way.

Patti at  Patti really hearts red shoes, and that is what drew me to her blog - - I also heart red shoes, and now I heart Patti's blog.

Sherry at  She just cracks me up.   She has a really innocent way and a great sense of humor.   Plus . . . she's my sister :)

MiMi at   Unfiltered, hilarious and totally out of the box.  Love it!

Masked Mom at  She is self-described as  "an uneasy cross between Superman & June Cleaver, between The Lone Ranger & Jill Taylor."  I describe her as a wonderful, insightful writer.

Sarah at   Sarah shares her journey through life, with all the ups and downs, and is really, really talented.

Melanie at  Melanie is funny.  Plain and simple.   Funny.

TangledLou at  TangledLou is . . . well, she is just an amazing writer.  I believe we will all be buying her books someday, and I will be the first in line.  

Please check these bloggers out.   It is really worth your time!

And, now for the next "rule."   I must tell you 7 things about myself that you might not otherwise have known.   I hate this.  There really aren't 7 things of interest about me.  Seriously!   But I'll try.  Feel free to skip this part if you want :)

1.   The couch is my friend.  Actually, the couch is my enemy.  I really need to get up and move!

2.  I really like talk radio . . . especially now during this political season.

3.  I always wanted to marry Peter Blair Dennis Bernard Noone - then I grew up.

4.  I cry during Animal Cops Houston.

5.  I am way too sensitive.

6.  I wish I was as talented a writer as all those people above.

7.  I am a really good singer - - in my mind :)

Alright, now all you bloggers that I listed above now have to go through this same exercise.  Nominate people and let them know and then tell us 7 tidbits about yourself.  I think that's it.




  1. Judy-- I can think of no higher compliment than being called funny. I really needed a positive stroke today, too. Thanks for being such a faithful reader. Hugs!

  2. I can totally relate to your #1 about the couch, only with me, it's my desk chair. But we're on opposite sides on talk radio. Not too many things I dislike more than talk radio, especially during political lying season. (Which, come to think of it, is pretty much year round!) Good answers!

    1. I know, Susan. I think I am totally in the minority when it comes to talk radio :)

  3. Okay, I'll play. Thank you for the nomination.

  4. Can I just say, Judy, that the tag line at the top of your blog fits me to a 'T'? Love it! I keep seeing your name pop up on the blogs of people I read, so I've been checking you out lately and am happy to say that you have a new follower!

    1. Yea! Thank you! You also have a new follower - - I look forward to exploring your blog!!

  5. Judy! Bless your heart. You are so nice. Thank you for the award. I am truly touched.

  6. Ah, thank you! You made my day!

  7. Thanks for the generous words, Judy. I'm hoping to get to this post today. :)

    1. PS--I'm Grammy-worthy, in my mind. ;)

  8. Thank you, Judy. I'm sorry it took me so long to see this. Erin and Jon and the kids were here for the week, as you know. But I was sick the entire time and just now starting to feel a little better. Thanks for being a great sister, I've missed "talking" to you for the past week!!