Friday, February 17, 2012


People!   My husband and I are going to Oklahoma today - - - flying, which I don't like.  With my luck, the inflight movie will be "Snakes on a Plane" or "Die Hard 2" !   No, actually, we are flying on small planes which don't show movies and the seats are so close together that you become very well acquainted with your neighbor.   Did I mention I don't like flying?  I have my Kindle so will be reading the whole time so hopefully I won't notice how rickety the plane sounds and how far up in the sky we are, and what a long ways it would be to fall.   Think me weird, but I texted my children a picture of our life insurance card with all pertinent info on it - - I know.  I know.  Flying is much safer than driving.   Blah Blah Blah.   I still hate it.

So, hopefully I'll be around to check in with you tomorrow :)


  1. I believe it would require the quick consumption of an adult beverage to get my derriere on a plane that small. Have fun!

  2. Prescription drugs! And have a great time!!

    1. rotflmao I do not like flying either, so that would be the line I would be standing in : ) j/k

  3. Forget the flying--the claustrophobia alone would do me in. Looking forward to your check-in. ;)

  4. IMO, small plane = Dramamine and earplugs for me. I always seem to get the seat right over the engines. - Consider Dramamine and earplugs for the flight back if needed. I hope you have a good visit!

  5. you will have to turn you kindle off when taking off and landing, the most challenging parts..; just pulling your leg !
    enjoy Oklahoma

  6. hope you are there safe and sound and can have some time with your parents this isn't really a vacation is it