Thursday, January 5, 2012

Feelin' The Love

I am feelin' the love today.  Yes indeed.  Every once in awhile, out of the blue, at the weirdest times, I get this overwhelming feeling of love for my husband.  It only lasts a few seconds, but my heart swells and I am nearly brought to tears.   It's like a reconfirmation that I chose the right guy 24 years ago.  I have never doubted that.  He's a wonderful guy.  

But this post isn't about my husband.   It's about people in general, a few specifically.  This morning I was sitting at my desk and out of the blue felt this warmth coming from inside  - -  and I knew right away what it was - PEOPLE ARE GOOD!!   Yea for good people!!!    Of course, there are mean people (or "naughty" people as a friend of mine says) in the world.  But, I don't want to talk about them - - - blech!   This is a love fest post, not a downer post.

If you look, and sometimes you don't have to look very hard, you will see good people all around you.   I see goodness in the posts that I read, and that is why I have such affection for all my blogging friends.   And if you doubt me, my blogging buddies, go back and read some of your own posts and you will see what awesome people you are.

I see goodness in my friends who are so willing to drop whatever they are doing to go to the rescue of friends in need.  Or strangers in need.   I see goodness in my friends' children, who, even at a young age, have the spirit of service and often make great sacrifices in order to serve.  There is great joy in serving others, and they have discovered that.

I see such goodness in my own children, and in my siblings.   And in my mother, who has found that she can do things she never thought she could!     

And I see goodness in strangers, whose faces radiate kindness.  

There is goodness all around, we just need to open our eyes.   Heck!  We need to BE those good people!  Good people rule!!

Yes, indeed.  I'm feelin' the love today.


  1. Every once in awhile I wonder why Heavenly Father doesn't just smite us all and get it over with. We humans are capable of such awful stuff. Then, I see all the good people around, like the ones you mention above. Every day people who aren't trying to be good so they get noticed, they are just good. It does restore my spirit.

  2. Vibrant and effervescent! What an upbeat, perky piece to enjoy of an otherwise less than scintillating Thursday. I especially like the part about strangers radiating kindness. Strangers don't stay strangers very long in an atmosphere like the that has been created. Some dudes sang, "All we need is love," back in 1967, on "Magical Mystery Tour." I like your refrain even better: "There is goodness all around."

  3. Mark, I am so proud of myself - - I did not have to look up any of those words!

    Tammy - right now, i think the good outweigh the not good :)

  4. hey Judy, yes you surprise me again with today's post ! !!
    keep going ! (ha ha!)
    past my bedtime here in Belgium, signing off.

  5. Good people DO rule! This post reminded me of the many good moments I have at work. I really enjoy seeing the kids at my school. I know every kid's name and I call them by name. I greet them in the hallway or when they come into the office - always letting them know I see them. The responses from them are enough to make me want to go to work every day.

  6. I love that, Sebtown - sure doesn't take much to make a child feel good about himself - 5 seconds of positive attention. I think it's that way for us adults, too :)

  7. Whatever we're looking for, we'll find. My in-laws are pessimists and can find the negative in anything. It's so frustrating. Look for the good, it's out there.

  8. Jewels - I like that! You will find what you are looking for - hmmm - might have given me an idea for another post....