Monday, December 5, 2011


The thoughts going through my head as I sit here with my fingers poised on the keyboard, ready to take off spelling out exciting and wonderful things  - -

Nothing.  My mind is blank.   But I like writing.   Gee, I hope I haven't run out of interesting things to write.   Heck, I hope I haven't run out of thoughts!   Wouldn't it be sad to have no thoughts?  Although I guess if you didn't have thoughts you wouldn't really know.   You'd just be empty-headed.   And that would be your normal.   But what is normal, anyway?   My children swear that I'm "abnormal," but at least I have thoughts . . . most of the time.   Sometimes they're abnormal thoughts, but they ARE thoughts.   Just not today.   Not right now. 

When I finally do get my thoughts back, I hope that they are good thoughts.   



  1. Sounds a bit Scarecrow-ish. Maybe you should see The Wizard!

  2. I didn't think of that. You're right! But what if he can't help me? What if he tells me I'm hopeless?

  3. sounded to me as if they're rattling around trying to take on form and make it out of the brain down into the fingers and through them onto the blog .. yup .. I can hear them