Wednesday, December 28, 2011

L.A.Z.Y. I Ain't Got No Alibi

adj \ˈlā-zē\
Definition of LAZY
a : disinclined to activity or exertion : not energetic or vigorous b : encouraging inactivity or indolence <a lazy summer day>
: moving slowly : sluggish

As I was getting my hair cut yesterday, feeling so relaxed and not wanting to get up out of that chair, I realized something.  The kind of "thing" that almost made me sit up straight and go "ah ha!"   (Which would have been a really bad idea since the woman behind me had scissors in her hands.)  The kind of "thing" that, after sitting up and going "ah ha," would have made me crouch back down in the chair and silently and sadly go, "oh."    What I realized is not some "thing" that I am proud of.   But admitting it is step one.  Right?!   No more living in denial.   So, this is what I realized - - I AM LAZY!   Or, rather, I have become lazy this last year.   I have been disinclined to activity or exertion.   I have no energy.  I am not vigorous.  And I encourage inactivity.   I wasn't lazy a year ago.   But for some inexplicable reason that I'll have to explore (maybe with a therapist!?!), my couch and I have become exceptionally close friends during 2011.   I am inclined to recline.   In a nice comfy chair or on a nice comfy couch with a nice comfy blanket.  Watching a totally mindless reality TV show.   Which really isn't such a terrible thing . . . unless your couch and your reality TV becomes more important to you than, say, making dinner or doing the laundry.   Then, maybe, not so good.

However, I also know that just because the L.A.Z.Y. word became my 2011, it doesn't have to be my 2012.   And that, my friends, is one of the glorious things about life.   If we are dissatisfied or unhappy, we can change.   I really dislike it when people say, "that's just the way I am."   To me, that's a big fat excuse not to have to change.   Because that may be "just the way I am" TODAY, but it doesn't mean I have to be that way tomorrow, if I choose not to be.     Life is about choices.    

And I choose not to be lazy anymore.   I choose to be encouraging activity, and not to move slowly, and to be inclined to exertion.  Exertion of my brain as well as my body!  

I choose that 2012 will be an awesome, fulfilling, positive life changing year!    What do YOU choose for 2012?

P.S.  I also choose to watch those mindless reality TV shows occasionally :)

I "chose" this picture, not because it has anything to do with this blog post,
but because I think these are really cool shoes!!!



  1. You've just convinced me that I'm *not* lazy, so thank you for that! lol! I don't think I thought I was, but after seeing the definition (which I never thought to look at before) - definitely not me! Though I can certainly be tired at times. Best of luck with the New Years plans! Try finding something you'd like to do. That helps. Or multi-task. Time helps too! Just having TIME to do things besides watch tv. If you're running yourself ragged all day, the couch and some mindless tv might be a necessity!

    My personal goals for 2012 aren't much different than other years I think. - Get more done! No changes I can think of. Just more ongoing work I try to get through. My goal, someday, is to have NO extra work or projects to do. Just day to day house stuff, day to day bills, and that's IT.

    PS: Fun shoes. I think you should make those :)

  2. I wonder if there's a 12 step program for stopping being lazy. If you think you might be disinclined to activity or exertion, then I definitely am. I also suffer from lack of motivation. I can be a real whirlwind when I am motivated enough.

  3. Noisy Quiet - I am happy to help you realize that you're not lazy! You sound the total oppposite of it, actually!

    Tammy - the 12 step program for me would be to put one foot in front of the other - 12 times. over and over and over again!!

  4. maybe lazy is not the right word.. maybe tired, worked and blogged too much ;-)
    do not be too hard on yourself this beautiful holiday season
    greetings from Brussels
    and so much appreciate your visits and comments on This is Belgium!

  5. Anni - I was thinking the same thng - lazy being not the right word. There might be truth to that!

    And I love your photos - I look forward to seeing them! They are probably the only way I will ever get to see beautiful Belgium :)

  6. My goal in 2012 is to get a grip on the amount of writing I do. I posted 55 pieces in November, because I just got involved in these projects. Sometimes it's a case of less is more. And Judy, being good at language is probably helpful in your field. My youngest brother (the seventh son) is a lawyer down in the Bay Area; words make the world go round in the universe of law.

  7. That's true, Mark . . about the words and the law. Although it doesn't do anybody any good if no one knows what the words mean! Which happens a lot!

  8. WHOOOT! You go girl! (I'm sorry if I got just a tad over excited) It's just that your post is perfect! I'm glad you see life that way as well! That you realize if we all have energy enough to say "That's the way I am" we have energy enough to change! Good luck Judy! I hope 2012 brings lots of energy, loads of activity and vigor! (To both of us.)

  9. Larissa - I appreciate your enthusiasm! I really do. And I have faith that if we do all we can do to make our lives (and others') better, that's enough! 2012 here I come!!

  10. Judy, I had a winter three years ago which was marked by my relationship with the couch. I would get home in late afternoon and sleep/read on the couch until I could pull something simple together for dinner. Post dinner activity involved pretty much the same thing - read on the couch until falling asleep - maybe watching Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert - never both - couldn't stay awake that long. The weekends were pretty much an extension of that after work time. I was mad at myself for this behavior but had no energy for anything but that. WInters are hard for me and hibernation was what it took that year to get through.
    There is a whole post for me in this response but suffice it to say, for now, that I am still not as energetic as I want to be. I don't go for the couch first thing when I get home now and I don't spend the entire weekend there but it is still a draw. I hate to say it but I am keenly aware that age is catching up to me and I DO NOT LIKE IT ONE LITTLE BIT. More on another day in another venue.....
    And I am still thinking about the promises of 2012.... more on that later too...

  11. sebtown - i actually thought of the whole age thing. i would love to use that as part of my excuse but i see women my age and older leading active, exciting lives. So, . . . then I also thought of this past year when all three of my children left the home to be on their own. And I thought that would/could be a really good reason for my love affair with my couch. And then I thought of this . . . which is probably the truth . . . that I have just become complacent and . . . yes, even lazy. I don't like it. Not one bit. :) I look forward to more of your thoughts on this whole thing.

  12. There is a time to rest and a time to "do". Moderation is each is the key. Easier said than done in my home life but no less true!

  13. You just described my year in a nutshell. I, too, am making goals to get moving this year. Yay for goals and the ability to change!

  14. I cycle from lazy to frenzied over and over - through the winter especially. My goal for 2012 is to really harness the high-energy periods, so that the lazy days don't derail me too much.

    And, now that I think about it, to meet some bare-bones requirements even when I'm sluggish. (The secret, I hope, is to pare such must-dos down to the behaviors / habits that are most beneficial and restorative.)

  15. paranormalist - I don't think I'm ever frenzied (stressed, maybe) . . .it's probably a good calorie burner, though :) I think I just want good habits this year, instead of the one I had, which involved the couch.

  16. Eradicating laziness is a noble goal and one I hope to achieve myself. :)