Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Have A Pet? Own It!

I really have to stop watching "Animal Cops Houston."  I couldn't sleep last night so I watched some recorded episodes.  And after watching, I still couldn't sleep.  It is just beyond fathomable how cruel people can be.   Dogs with imbedded chain collars, dead dogs/puppies lying in backyards while their owners are inside oblivious to the suffering animals they supposedly love, horses so emaciated and neglected that, just to start back on the road to health, had to gain 300 pounds.  And on and on.  The Houston SPCA gets over 9,000 calls per year of negligence and cruelty to animals.   Some people just suck.   

And yet, most of those animals who suffer so much at the hands of cruel, cruel people are such loving, forgiving and nonjudgmental creatures.   And it was so heartwarming to see the dog with the embedded collar healthy and playing with its new loving family.   And to see the emaciated horse looking so regal as it was being ridden by its proud new owner.  

While some people DO suck, so many more people on this earth are kind and compassionate and loving.   And THAT is why it's worth getting up each morning.


  1. If there's anything to that re-incarnation stuff, then I'm coming back as a dog in a loving home. I have thought about this for a very long time. (Does that make me strange?) I always add that part about a loving home, because there is so much stupidity and cruelty in this world. After watching a few episodes of Animal Police while at the vets, I have to add sanity to the list of criteria. There are way to many incidences of animal hoarding out there.

  2. I think that about babies and pets: how can anyone be cruel to something so loving and trusting? It goes against every fiber in my being, and thankful, like you said, more people than not feel likewise.

  3. I never learn. I watched it again tonight and cried :(

  4. I can't even watch nature shows. (The last one I saw, where killer whales tossed a seal around like cats playing with a mouse, was the last straw.) On shows like Animal Cops or Hoarders, I did like seeing the animals get rescued, but I ended up hating humankind.

    I watch Nova now, instead of Nature :)