Thursday, November 10, 2011


I think I want to be the Pioneer Woman . . . you know, the woman.   That one. 

I want to live on a big ol' ranch out in the middle of nowhere.  And even though it's in the middle of nowhere, everybody knows you.   Kind of like Cheers.   I want every single picture-perfect-postcard family holiday celebration to take place at my ranch. 

I want to have dogs who can roam outside without fear (mine) of being run over by a speeding car.  Or being dognapped.   And horses . . . I want horses.

And I want to be able to cook like the PW.   Seriously.  I want to be able to make pumpkin soup - and have it look as beautiful as hers.   I've never actually had pumpkin soup, but it looks delicious.  

I want to wear jeans everyday.  Well, I'd really like to wear sweatpants everyday, but do you wear sweatpants on a ranch?

I already have a handsome husband and awesome children, so I don't need hers.   I just want her lifestyle for . . . oh, I don't know . . . maybe a week.  

Man, I think I'm just kind of tired.   Maybe I can vacation on the PW's ranch for a week and let her cook for me.   And then after I feel rested and pampered, I can go home to my nice little home that I've come to love.   And live the rest of forever with my awesome husband and not even care that I'm not the PW and that I don't live in the middle of nowhere on a big ol' ranch.  



  1. I may be the only blogger in the sphere who isnt yearning to be PW .. I dont want to live on a ranch anywhere tho I wouldnt mind having a dog to keep the cats and the husband company while I am off working or having weekend adventures .. I bet she had lots of help making her pumpkin soup look good .. I've had pumpkin soup and its yum ..

  2. I've sometimes wanted to be the Daily Coyote woman. But I think I'd worry too much.

    I made pumpkin soup way back when a few times, when I bought too big a pumpkin and had no more room in the fridge or freezer for pies. - Soup can stack vertically! :)

  3. Maybe the Daily Coyote woman and the Pioneer Woman are neighbors . . .

  4. Yeah! Like next door neighbors! Which means they'd live what... an hour away from each other? :D

  5. true, but since sound really travels out in the middle of nowhere, they can just yell out their kitchen windows to each other! bffs