Wednesday, November 2, 2011


The first day of November was yesterday.   Meaning, the first day of the holiday season!   (Although, if you have been in ANY store lately, you probably will already have seen Christmas decorations in the aisles!).   But, for me personally, before I can think of Christmas, I like to enjoy Thanksgiving and all that goes with it.  And I think that the month of November and everything leading up to Thanksgiving is the perfect time to remember.   To remember how blessed we are.  To remember how much we have to be thankful for.   So, I think what I want to do each day of this month, at the end of my blog, is leave a word with you.   Just one word.   A word that signifies something that I personally am thankful for.   That will be a challenge . . . to express thanks in just one word.   But, know that behind that one word is a mountain of "whys" that go unexpressed in writing, but overflow in my heart. 

So, that one word for today is . . . 



  1. There used to be a 30 days of gratitude group at the old NaBloPoMo site. Confusing as heck knowing if there's one at the new one!

  2. The new nablopomo site confuses the heck out of me - maybe if I ever figure it out that will be one of the things I'm thankful for :)

  3. ROFL!

    I don't like having it at BlogHer. I'm trying to be diplomatic about it, but I've never been happy with the move. Then again, *I* don't want to run the darned thing so who am I to criticize them?