Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Do They Really Think We're Stupid???

Okay, so I went grocery shopping the other day.   And one of my biggest pet peeves was brought forefront with a BANG to my brain as I went home and looked at my receipt!

I shop at a well-known chain of grocery stores, which I shall not name.  Well, okay, I will.  But only because I know that they are not the only store that does this.   I like this store, I have grocery shopped at this store for years and will continue to shop at this store . . . at least until I find a better alternative.  But they need to man up.   It begins with an "A" and ends with a "sons."  

So, I got home and was looking at my receipt, and was so happy to see that I had saved so many dollars!   Wow!  I must be such a good shopper!   Then I started to look at my receipt a little more closely.   I bought a half gallon of ice cream.  The regular price on my receipt showed $7.99!   It was on sale - - 2 for $7, which, if my math is right, makes it $3.50.  So, my receipt showed that I saved $4.49!   Wow!  That's good, right?!  Wrong!   Who buys a half gallon of ice cream for $8 anyway???   Nobody, that's who!   And why?   Because no half gallon of ice cream is worth $8, that's why!   And that doesn't even take into account that the "half gallon" of ice cream today has a much smaller "half gallon" container than it used to!  So, anyway, I began looking at my receipt, item by item.   Most of the items on sale appeared to show INFLATED "regular" prices - - so that when you looked at your savings, you were totally amazed and in love with "A" . . . "sons" because your receipt showed that you saved A BAZILLION DOLLARS!!!!!  

That's my pet peeve . . . why "inflate" the prices at the grocery store just to make it look like we saved so much money with the sale price?   When, actually, the "sale" price should be more like the "regular" price in the first place.    Just be honest with us, "A" . . . "sons."   Because we are not stupid.   We know when you're playing us.

PLUS - - don't make us use that stupid rewards card - - EVERYBODY should be able to pay your "sales" prices without having to swipe a card or punch in a number!



  1. That better be darned good ice cream for a "regular" price of eight dollars!

  2. I've had better :) And I think the $8 "regular" price is only the "regular" price when it goes on sale! Otherwise, it's a little cheaper! haha

  3. Exactly.

    Maybe when the pretend price goes up, they should throw in a puppy.