Friday, November 4, 2011

Mean People Suck

These guys don't suck!
Okay, so I've felt kind of sick the last day or two (I know, it's a bummer).  So, this morning I was moving kind of slowly.   I knew I had to go to work because I have no sick leave until January (again, a bummer).  And I like money, and I like to eat, so that's a good motivator to go to work sick.   But, I took my time getting ready.   I got my blanket and layed  (or is it laid - - I never know) on the couch and turned on the TV - - Animal Planet, "Animal Cops - Detroit."  (I don't know why, but Detroit always scares me a little.  I've never been there, so my fear is not founded on personal experience.   And  I like Motown.  I love the Lions (this year).  And they make amazing cars (they DO make cars, right?).   I guess it's just a little weird phobia that I need to work out - - maybe I'll have to visit Detroit on my way to Pennsylvania some day and make peace.)   Anyway, back to Animal Cops.  They went to a house where there were suspected dog fights in the backyard.   There were 19 pit bulls chained up and, although pit bulls scare me (kind of like Detroit), my heart broke when I saw them.   They were so beat up, and bitten, and bleeding, and hungry, and mistreated that it made me tear up.  And it made me want to beat up somebody.   Thank goodness for those animal cops.  They rescued every single one of those dogs.  They are animal hero/cops. 

And then they went to another house.   The house had been abandoned but there was a dog inside, starving, and had obviously given birth not long before.   The house was like out of "Hoarders" - garbage and filth everywhere.  It was gross.   Again, those heroes rescued the mama dog and all 14 of her pups - - yes, 14!   They were so cute!   And I cried.   They visited a few more places and rescued a few more dogs and it all made me cry.

The reason I tell you this is because I used to hate  dislike dogs . . . very much.  All dogs (not just pit pulls) scared me.   When my children were little they begged for a dog (okay, well maybe not begged, but they really wanted one).  But being the selfish mean mother that I was (I'm awesome now), I would always get my way - - no dog.   It wasn't until a year and a half ago that I finally gave in and we got a dog.   And it was instant love.   You'd really have to know me to understand what a miracle that is!   My sisters think that the heavens parted and "someone" thumped me on the head.  And now I don't just love my dog, but all dogs.   And, thus, I cried when I watched "Animal Cops - Detroit" (no, not because of Detroit).   To think that people can be so cruel and mean to animals is . . . well, unthinkable.   And when I finally left for work, I felt a little guilty leaving my dog home alone . . . even though she was very happily sleeping on the couch, snuggling with a blanket.

I've conquered my dislike for dogs.  Now, I guess maybe I'll work on cats.   I don't like  hate cats.   I'm thinking that cats (for me) may be a lost cause.   Really. 



  1. I agree about Detroit! Seems intense and not quite my place. My son loves it and has dreams of "drifting" there with his friends one summer, just to see what it's really like. I don't understand that at all!

  2. Glad it's not just me . . . :) I'm sure there are tons of good people there, just not a place I am putting on my vacation list!