Friday, November 18, 2011

To See or Not to See

Here's my dilemma . . . I just got to work and reached into my purse to get my glasses out.   Uh oh.   No glasses.   I can now visualize them on the table next to my couch.   Oh crud.  I cannot see without them.   I'm doing okay now, but in another ten minutes my eyes will get all blurry and I won't be able to work.   I will get a(nother) tremendous headache.  

So, do I go home and get them, driving the car that makes me fear for my life every time I get behind the wheel?   Or do I sit here all day at work pretending to work?   Okay, I think I know the answer to that, but it's not what I want to do.   Besides drive the death-car, I know that when I get home I will not want to come back!   It is Friday.   And I know I can find a whole lot of stuff to do at home.   Only I don't think my boss would like it if I didn't come back.   

Vision/blindness.   Death car/stay put.   Job/no job.   Man, the choices I have to make! 



  1. Multiple glasses? Or would they *all* end up next to the couch?

  2. Embarrassingly, I have 2 other pairs and can't find either of them :)