Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I am at a loss as to what to write about this morning.   I can usually sit down in front of the keyboard and just start typing and something always pops into my mind.  It might not be interesting, but still . . .   Not today.   Blank.  

I spoke with my mother a few minutes ago.   My parents are elderly.  They've been married for 64 years.   My dad had hip replacement surgery a few months ago . . . it didn't go well.   He's had two more surgeries since and has been in either the hospital or rehab almost the entire time.  Besides his hip, he was very healthy.   He is healthy no more.   My mother, who is a healthy, vibrant awesome woman, has been there for my dad . . . driving back and forth from the hospital a couple of times a day.   He never wants her to leave his side, but she must.   She is my hero.   But she's getting tired, exhausted, really.   I could hear it in her voice.  They live a thousand miles away from me and my other siblings. 

So, I'm just feeling a little sad right now because I want so badly to hop on a plane and give my mother a break for a week.   Get her to laugh a little, and maybe get some sleep.   And maybe eat.    But, I can't . . . not yet. 

Alright, so maybe my mind isn't quite blank :)       


  1. oh boy I know both those feelings .. having a seemingly empty mind .. devoid of blog grist .. and the parent(s) far away and in need of a visit. I used to call my mom every day when dad's heath began to fail .. it seemed to help hugs to you..

  2. Sorry about the parent situation. I say go with your gut. If you want to jump on a plane, do, as soon as it's possible.

  3. I recognize that blank mind (but not really blank) feeling. I hope the situation with your folks improves.

  4. Thanks, paranormalist. I'm sure everything will work out just the way it is supposed to. By the way, I thought of you last when while I was watching Fact or Fake :)