Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I Am A Mighty Mountain Woman

It is 1 am and I can't sleep. I sit in bed, my husband sleeping soundly next to me and the dog lying across the bed, blocking my entrance into the security of the covers. I am listening for the sound of promised rain. All I hear are the snores of the man I love and the occasional idiot speeding down the street with his cd player thumping and threatening to give me an aneurysm. (Sometimes I wish I lived in the mountains where there were no idiots).

My dreamy log cabin mansion in the woods
 where berries abound and bears are my friends :)
I don't know why sleep eludes me.  It couldn't be that Coke icee I had earlier tonight, could it?  Because I told myself that there is no caffeine in Coke icees.   Whatever the reason, my mind is very weary and I am entertaining random thoughts as they dance around in my head. Why is my stomach growling?  Did I forget to eat?  Or is it actually a lullably my stomach is singing to me?  And if I really did live in the mountains with no idiots, how would the mailman be able to get up the road to deliver the very important mail I get every day?  I'd be lost if I didn't know about all the money I could save by shopping at JC Penney's and eating Papa Murphys pizza.  If I really did live in the mountains and I really did forget to eat, I could just step out of my log cabin mansion and pick some berries. That would stop my stomach from growling AND they are good for you!  After dining on berries, I could get in my daily exercise and go for a nice long hike in the woods. With my bear. George. George Washington bear. And we would hike among the cherry trees. And I wouldn't get lost because I am a mountain woman. But much cuter than your average mountain woman. Much, much cuter.

Yes, my mind is weary and my thoughts are random.

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