Thursday, October 20, 2011

Here Comes the Bride

Here comes the bride . . . well, we are the parents of the groom, but same difference.    Our son is getting married tomorrow, so I will be a little busy this weekend :)  Lots of family, lots of celebration, lots of stress . . . but more family and celebration than stress.  And the stress will leave . . . right?     And then Monday will come, and it will be quiet in our house.   And I will miss my son torturing the dog and distracting me while I'm trying to watch Real Housewives of . . . wherever.    But I'll get used to the calm . . . right?   RIGHT???  But, more importantly, my son will be married and happy . . .



  1. It is really bizarre when the kids get married. At least it makes ME feel bizarre! So odd to think of them as adults instead of little kids! Judy... I'm so excited that you blog!!! I'll be catching up on your posts now. Shoot, I could have been reading all along. Does Collie know you're a blogger too?? Love you cousin! ~ Dawn

  2. So happy the day is almost here for them! We'll be shirt-tail relations... Just remember you are getting another daughter the easy way.