Monday, October 31, 2011

Animal Vermin

I stayed up late last night, wanting to prolong my weekend and put off the inevitable . . . the dreaded Monday.   When you work full-time, weekends are the best thing ever.  And Mondays are the enemy.   

"I hate Monday, will it ever end!"   
"Yahoo!  It's Tuesday!"  
"Hump Day!  Thank goodness!!"  
"Wow!  Is tomorrow Friday already???"  
"I thought Friday would never get here!" 

Every. single. week.  

So, I stay up late, almost every single Sunday, trying to get the most out of my weekend.   And late last night I watched The Next Iron Chef.   I went to bed just after midnight.   I dream every night, all night long (I think - - dreams are weird like that).   Most of my dreams are pretty entertaining, and I enjoy them.   However, I never talk in my sleep.   Until last night.   And it was just two words.  I remember saying these words, although I can't remember why I said them.   Just two words.  And I said them loudly, waking both myself and the dog up.    Animal Vermin.   That's what I said.   Animal Vermin.    Hmmmmm.

Animal Vermin


  1. I stayed up watching that too! Hope no real Vermin invade your 'empty nester' house.

  2. I'm not sure I've even woken myself up by talking in my sleep ... though other people tell me I do sometimes.

  3. Thank you for stopping by my blog! I'm making my way through yours, and YOU are hilarious! Maybe the starving ghosts would like some "animal vermin!" :D

    (FYI, if your read through my humor posts, you probably read the one about how I get odd captcha words. Your blog just gave me "Gunkno" ?? )